Why pick an emotional support animal over medicines?

Many doctors believe that medicine and drugs are the solutions to a patient’s problem. They think that pets will not be able to cure them. In reality, that is not something positive. First of all, pets do not harm our body whereas medicines have a lot of side effects. 


An emotional support cat is a perfect companion for when you want to ease pain such as depression and anxiety. They are thousand times better than Emotional support animal prescription medications. 


There is evidence that doctors prescribe more medicines that a person needs and that create a problem that was nonexistent in the first place.Medicines can harm the organs inside the body such as kidneys. The side effects are unwanted and many people has to admit in the hospital because of a problem that happens because of prescription medications.


 A pet is going to be loyal to you whether it is a cat or dog. There are times when you will feel down, put the pet animal will help you feel strong again. They do not come with any side effect nor will they hurt your body.They are so important that now you can take them on flights with you and your landlord can never say no to them.